Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How a Newly Turned Foodie is Like a Vampire

Today my stomach told me, in no uncertain terms, that it wanted food and it wanted it NOW. I don't know if vampires are driven by their hunger with this much urgency and insistence, but I believe they are.

I blame the stomach-stretching exercise that is French Laundry for this. I am insatiable. All food tastes better to me now. It's like my taste buds have been reborn. They're open to any texture, any sensation, any combination. And they're directing my brain to experiment.

I've been seduced.

Lunch at Bouchon prepped me for the gastronomic delight that was to follow, but it was French Laundry that tipped me over the edge. I had trouble not expressing my delight vocally at dinner.

Good food, like good vampires, seduce you in unexpected and even taboo ways. A little nibble here, a taste explosion there, and you're butter in their hands.

And, once you're seduced, there's no going back to your old, unawakened life again.

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