Saturday, November 28, 2009


Shadows rule in the world of darkness,
cozy pools of darkling light.

Imagination flies unfettered,
in the secret world of night.

All around the world lay sleeping,
dozing in the land of dreams.

Fairies flit through the moonlit landscape,
sipping nectar from moonbeams.

As the light of day is dawning,
nighttime shadows light to gold.

Deepest darkness gives a shudder,
Daytime's light can be so cold.


  1. Is your *sigh* a sigh of sadness,
    wrapped in sound that fills your soul?

    Or is your *sigh* a warming gladness,
    speaking words that make you whole?

  2. I found Ticia's blog. I like Ticia's blog. I like Ticia's style of writing truths.

    I like Ticia.

  3. Ticia likes Siri too. :)